What's the G-Tour?

The G-Tour is the GVCC's road  training series.  It is a Club Training Event and the events are not eligible for USAC category upgrades.  Events are held every Tuesday and occasional Wednesdays and Thursdays on a variety of courses south of the city and north of routes 5 &20. Distances vary from 20 to 45 miles depending on the time of the year and available daylight. You must be a GVCC member or guest member to participate in the G-Tour.

For more “new rider” information, check out this page.

New riders to the G-Tour (in any category) should make sure their GVCC membership has been submitted at least one week prior to their 1st G-Tour event ridden.

The full Schedule is available Here

Course Maps can be found Here

All results will be available Here

And all racers/riders must be on the approved rider list located Here

G-Tour Groups

Events are held in the following groups:

  • A’s (USAC Category 1, 2 & 3 licensed riders)
  • B’s (USAC Category 4 & 5 licensed riders and non-licensed beginners)


  • Riders may select the group they wish to race in for the season, If a rider prefers to participate in a lower category, he/she should consult with the G-Tour Director at the beginning of the season.
  • Upgrades from B group to A group are allowed
  • Riders advance to the next level with a USAC category upgrade or when the GVCC Race Director requests a rider advance due to consistently strong results.
  • Riders should discuss an upgrade with the race director before beginning to race in the A group.
  • Downgrades are not allowed after the season starts, once you move up to the A group you are an A.
  • A group Riders can ride with the B group as a coach but may not compete or otherwise affect the B group race.
  • You do not need to hold an active USAC license to participate in the GVCC.

Your USAC category determines what G-Tour group you will participate in. These special G-Tour upgrades are decided upon by the club director and club coach.

Beginners will start in the B group. This field is coached and you will learn skills through drills and instruction. For more information please email  info@gvccracing.com.

Course Information

The courses are open to vehicular traffic and riders must stay to the right of the centerline of the road. Marshals are used to add safety, but please note that the marshals are not stopping cars, they are stopping the riders. As a full GVCC member, you must marshal. When marshaling, you will wear an orange safety vest and have a directional flag. Please review instructions on how to marshal correctly here.

The marshal date that a member selected is his/her responsibility. If a person can not marshal the event, it is important that they find a replacement. Members who fail to fulfill their marshaling duty are subject to membership suspension.

Note that courses sometimes change due to road construction. Always check the website home page, or follow us on twitter for the most recent updates.

G-Tour Details

In general, all three groups will ride on Tuesdays. When at the Fishers course, events may be held for two or three groups, depending on available daylight. Please check the website for groups and start times. All categories may participate in time trials (TT or TTT).

  • Road Events:  start at 6:00PM sharp. Sign in at 5:50PM
  • Individual TTs and TTTs : First rider/team off at 6:30PM, Sign in at 6:00PM
  • Criterium practice: First group starts at 6:30PM. Sign in at 6:00 PM. Check the website home page on the day of a criterium practice for exact schedule

The events are held on a variety of courses as listed on the G-Tour schedule. View G-Tour course maps. Note that courses sometimes change due to road construction. Always check the website home page, or follow us on twitter for the most recent updates.

Riders must be on the Approved Rider List in order to participate. Guests will need to sign a rider release for each event they compete in.

Note that no membership applications are accepted at G-Tour events. Please be sure to complete the membership process 10 days before your first event.

GVCC will honor the top riders at the GVCC Awards Banquet held in the fall.

Overall: Sum of all road, ITT, and prime points

  • A: Top 5 places
  • B: Top 5 places

Road: Sum of all road points

  • A: Top 3 places
  • B: Top 3 places

Primes: Sum of all prime points

  • A: 1st place
  • B: 1st place

TT: Sum of all Individual TT points

  • A: Top 3 places
  • B: Top 3 places

Team Time Trial:

  • Sum of TTT points: 1st place

All of the above subject to change.