GVCC Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2015, Pittsford Pub

Attendees: Mike Deats, Shana Lydon, Brent Blazey. Cory Kuhns could not attend due to illness.

Decision on appointment vs election of president.
-Jeff Lubkowski was nominated, seconded, and voted in as incoming replacement president to replace Michael Deats (who announced his resignation on November 3rd, 2015) so as to provide continuity of operations and complete the initiatives upon which this board was elected.

Identify topics to be announced with annual meeting notice

Select annual meeting date
-December 3, 2015
Survey – identify topics
- Topics discussed and identified
Discuss merits of a 5-member board
-Decided that four member board was the right size
Zoo Crit – Potential new race for the club to pick up
-Decided to pursue a date and that Shana would serve as Race Director