A few things to consider when getting into bike racing

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Group rides should be the starting point, and individual training can improve a rider’s fitness, but more is needed to develop the skills that make a good racer. Understanding and executing race concepts is far more complicated than building fitness. The best way to learn how to race is to race.

The Genesee Valley Cycling Club (GVCC) is our local race development organization. The GVCC was founded 40 years ago and has produced numerous professional and elite amateur racers over the years. There are typically 150 members annually and they range from beginner to elite. Currently the club has 13 elite amateur level road racers consisting of both men and women. These riders represent the highest level of amateur racing in the US and compete against professionals at many events. More importantly, they were developed through the GVCC. There are numerous success stories from members at all levels. Riders who have reinvented themselves, others have discovered their passion, young people who have found their way to express themselves. Every member can benefit from what the club has to offer.

The GVCC is built to develop athletes into racers.

* The New Rider “Cs” program focuses on both individual training and race techniques. A dedicated coach leads the group through drills and training races. All first time racers will start in the Cs program and move up to the “Bs” when ready.

* Our weekly training events (known as the G-Tour) provide a great setting for athletes to practice race techniques and focus on race specific skills. The G-Tour has been a staple for skills development throughout the club’s history.

* There are over 40 elite level category 1/2/3 racers in the club that are willing to offer tips and advice.

* The depth of talent in the club helps to create quality race situations at training events. Having a core group of riders with a great deal of experience and skill makes the whole group better and makes the experience more worth while.

* Club members travel to regional races and provide a community for new riders to identify with and interact with.

* A few club members are personal trainers/coaches and know how to train for races and can offer knowledge about racing along with training regimens.

The club has a website - www.gvccracing.com, a facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/gvccracing/ and a twitter page - https://twitter.com/GVCCRacing?lang=en

1 – Browse around the site, check out the calendar and course maps.
2 – Email info@gvccracing.com with any questions.
3 – You can try out one event or sign up to become a member. Registration for the 2017 season opens February 1st, 2017.


Jeff Lubkowski
GVCC President


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