CX Clinics Start August 21st

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GVCC’s CX Clinics start Thursday, August 21st. Sessions will be held each Thursday from August 21 through October 16 from 5:30 until dark.

NEW LOCATION! The first 2 weeks (8/21 and 8/28) will take place at Parma Town Park – on the Parma Cyclocross course (which has been modified this summer with more technical sections). Starting September 4th, the clinics will resume at Camp Arrowhead in Perinton and continue there through October 16th.

  • Beginners / Non-GVCC Members:
    • The clinic is only $25 for the entire series.
    • Pre-registration is NOT required. To enroll, bring $25, a signed membership form and a completed, signed copy of the CX Clinic Rider Release Form to the first event in which you participate.
  • Current GVCC Members:
    • The clinic series is free and included in your annual membership.
    • One waiver covers the entire series.  Please bring a completed, signed copy of the CX Clinic Rider Release Form.

This is a non-competitive training and learning series where we will begin with basics like dismounting for barriers and build to more technical skills like off camber cornering as we all progress together.  Included each week will be skills work followed by a more structured workout to apply what you have learned. Whether you are brand new to cross or a grizzled veteran we can all use a little early season practice so join some friends and get in a workout.

G-Tour News

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While the G-tour only has two months remaining, there are still plenty of GVCC events on the horizon right through the fall!  Which means, there’s still a lot of value in your GVCC membership!!

Perhaps you spent more time at MTB events or just had a slow start to the road season; no problem.  GVCC is offering an end-of-season full membership for only $40. With the membership, you’ll have access to all remaining G-tour events AND the CX clinic (details coming soon).  To sign up, use the online membership, select full membership, but pay ONLY $40.

Or, if you’re thinking of getting involved in CX, you may also sign up for the CX-only membership for $25.

Note:  All existing members have access to the upcoming CX Clinics with their current membership.

In other news:

  • This week, the Fishers Crit is for both Cat 4 and 5 riders.
  • For all other Thursday events, Cat 4s are now welcome to join the Cat 5s.  Why?  By participating in the Cat 5 races, it creates a larger field and more competitive event to enhance the training for the Cat 5 group.  You won’t be eligible for points and should not interfere or participate in sprint finishes, but it gives you another night of training and is good for all participants.
  • The BBC/GVCC Club Championship is ON.  Save the date – Sunday, August 17th.  This year’s information will be updated on the web later this week; registration opens soon!


Victor ITT Results 7/22/14

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There was a great turnout for a hot night of TT racing in Victor last night. Thanks to Mike Traxler and Brian Cardona for running the event. The points have been posted on the results page and the full results are posted below.

Victor ITT July 22
Rider Overall Time Place Merckx
A Pete Hoag 27:35:00 1
A Richard Strasser 29:42:00 2 x
A Scott Hollenbeck 30:10:00 3
A Spantchak, Volodymyr 30:12:00 4
A Scott Bass 31:43:00 5
B4 Frank Gallese 27:56:00 1
B4 Pete Miner 28:03:00 2
B4 Dave Hoag 29:20:00 3
B4 Mike Burri 29:41:00 4
B4 Nick Leonard 29:43:00 5
B4 Dick Camping 30:09:00 6
B4 Jim Quadrini 30:38:00 7
B4 Brent Blazey 30:40:00 8
B4 Jochen Hoppert 30:54:00 9
B4 Drew Deeney 31:27:00 10
B4 Dave Marsh 31:36:00 11 x
B4 Troy Rutherford 31:44:00 12 x
B4 Eric Rich 31:57:00 13
B4 Brian Gee 32:31:00 14 x
B4 Steve Goebel 32:36:00 15
B4 Jesse Corum 32:49:00 16 x
B4 Tim Brundage 33:13:00 17 x
B4 Bob Wells 36:12:00 18 x
B4 Matt Squire 38:44:00 22 x
B5 Bruce Wolcott 30:53:00 1
B5 Phil Mevs 33:07:00 2 x
B5 Dave Simmons 34:28:00 3


Upcoming Events

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Check out these events in the coming weeks:

The Rock Crit – July 19th in Mt Morris

Tour de Thompson – July 26th in Canandaigua.  GVCC Member Bruce Wolcott helps organize this event.


Wednesday 7/16 TT Relocated to Webster

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Wednesday’s 7/16 TT has been moved from Clover Street to the Webster course.  After further review of the Clover St traffic and overgrowth in the roundabout that blocks the view of the intersection, we’ve permanently pulled the course from the schedule.

7/10 TTT Results

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Placing Team Riders Lap 1 Lap 2 Total
1 Bike Zone D Hoag, Miner, Galese 22:57.7 22:44.9 45:42.7
2 Team Non Aero Goodness, Kralles, Strasser 23:44.4 23:04.2 46:48.6
4 CNG Burri 24:30.2 24:26.4 48:56.6
3 ROG Wolcott, Wood, Rich 24:28.6 24:34.7 49:03.3
5 Mixed Doner, Squire 26:25.4 27:16.5 53:41.9

Marshaling – Apparently it’s unimportant!

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There continues to be an epidemic of no-show marshals at our G-tour events:

Upon joining GVCC, you each agree to marshal two events throughout the season.  As members, you select those dates that work for you.  Yet, time and time again, riders disregard their responsibility to their fellow members and cyclists … sending the message that the safety of others isn’t important.

To date, we’ve had at least seven  instances of assigned marshals not showing (see details here).

Effectively immediately (including tonight’s no-shows), marshals will be responsible for making up TWO future dates where there are marshaling vacancies and will be suspended from racing until the first of the two dates are made up.

There’s no excuse for compromising the safety of fellow members.


G-Tour cancelled for Tuesday, July 8th due to severe weather.

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G-Tour cancelled for Tuesday, July 8th due to severe weather.

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