Did You Know? Racing Age for Cyclocross

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Racing Age: The age the rider shall be on December 31 of the current year except in cyclo-cross. A rider’s racing age in cyclo-cross is his age on December 31st of the year that the cyclo-cross season ends.

The end of the US cyclo-cross season is marked by the National Championships which are held in January. Therefore,  your cyclo-cross racing age is your age on December 31st of next year. Your cyclo-cross racing age will always be one year greater (older) than your road racing age.


Training Choices for Tonight (Thurs 8/28)

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Tonight’s combined B4/5 race has changed from the Stirnie course to Mendon.

Or — come out to Parma Town Park for CX Clinic and a preview of Full Moon Vista’s Parma CX course.  You’re gonna love the new course elements!!! This is your last chance before the race.  Next week, the CX Clinic returns to Camp Arrowhead.


TTT Results from Wheatland, 8-12-14

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Team – Riders 42:03:00
Bike Zone
Pete Miner
Dave Hoag
Frank Galese
ROG 43:56:00
Owen Wood
Bruce Wolcott
Eric Rich
Park Ave 43:58:00
Dan Burgess
Duncan Douglas
Sean Meyer
Mixed Team 41:00:00
Jim Quadrini
Pete Hoag
Mike Madden

Tonight’s G-tour WILL be at Parish Hill (as scheduled)

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Tonight’s G-tour WILL be at Parish Hill (as scheduled).  PARK at Fort Hill Trailhead Parking.

GVCC Reigns!

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The second annual BBC-GVCC Ultimate Club Championship Event, sponsored by CycleweRx of Rochester, took place under bright blue skies in the low 70s.  With approximately 75 participants from the two clubs combined and five solid fields, GVCC was able to continue it’s reign as Ultimate Club Champions for a second straight year.  Overall, BBC was awarded 13 points and GVCC 35.  Individual results are as follows:

Cat 1, 2, 3 Men:

  1. James Thompson (BBC)
  2. John Hunter (GVCC)
  3. Jason Hetenbaugh (GVCC)

Cat 4 Men:

  1. Geoff Lawrence (GVCC)
  2. Tom Robinson (BBC)
  3. Jonathan Siuta (BBC)
  4. Peter Pelychaty (GVCC)
  5. Kevin Howard (GVCC)

Cat 5 Mens:

  1. Steve D’Amico (GVCC)
  2. Michael Serve (GVCC)
  3. David Brockmann (GVCC)

Mens 50+:

  1. Volodymyr Spantchak (GVCC)
  2. Greg Brett (GVCC)
  3. Michael Traxler (GVCC)

Womens Cat 1-4:

  1. Christine Schryver (GVCC)
  2. Jennifer Bushover (BBC)
  3. Rachel Pikus (GVCC)

CycleweRx Grand Prize Winners:

  • Adam Wojcik (BBC)
  • Steve D’Amico (GVCC)

    SPECIAL THANKS to the volunteers that helped out today.  Course Setup – Chris Delancey and Drew Deeney; Marshals – HaeWon Jung, Yvette LaBombard, Shana Lydon, and Kevin Mattison. And spectators/road crew Liz Scoles and Kathy Solan; Matt Smitley. Chris Delancey and Mike Traxler for tear-down. Much appreciation to our partners from BBC – Tom Robinson, Tim Williams, Jon Rosen and Rob Johnson.  And lastly – for the contribution of valuable primes and two grand prizes of the Retul Professional Fits from Steve & Dawn Stanzianzo and Jason Quagliata of CycleweRx!

    For full results –

    For bragging rights – CLICK HERE!


    Tonight’s G-Tour (8/14) Moved to Parish South

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    Due to fresh chip seal, the course and parking locations for tonight’s G-tour have changed.  We’ll be using the Parish South course.  Park at the Fort Hill Trailhead parking on Boughton Hill Road – MAP

    Remember – It’s a B5 event but B4s are welcome to participate.


    CX Clinics Start Next Thursday 8/21

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    First two weeks at Parma Town Park, remainder of clinic series at Camp Arrowhead.

    Details here!


    Who will take home the trophy?

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    In just four days, either Buffalo Bicycling Club or Genesee Valley Cycling Club will have the honor of taking home the Ultimate Club Championship title trophy.  Will BBC unseat GVCC; or will GVCC reign for a second year!  Help solidify the decision by signing up at


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