A note from former GVCC G2/Junior Abbie Sullivan:

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A note from former GVCC G2/Junior Abbie Sullivan:

“There is a bike club on campus, but mainly for mountain biking. Five of us decided to make an official Clarkson road cycling team so we could race. This past weekend we went up to Burlington to race UVM. For most of the guys it was their first first race. I thought it was so much fun racing in a field of all females. Class C and D raced together. I ended up placing 1st in class C (but got beat by someone from class D). This race really made me realize how much you taught me from Wednesday night rides the past few years. I know a lot more than I realized and I was really able to apply this knowledge. I also learned how much other people don’t know about bike handling and how you can’t really trust other riders to be safe. 4 of us made a break away at one point, and I felt like I had to kind of teach the other girls what to do. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me in the past. I’m really enjoying the sport.”

While you may not always get to meet the G2/Juniors, their Wednesday night training rides will begin soon.

The goal of this initiative is to promote bicycle racing among responsible young athletes.

There are various ways to support the G2s:

$$$ – either with your membership renewal or separately via PayPal to, you may donate specifically to the G2 program.

Equipment Program:

One of the hardest parts of racing is finding the equipment to race on. Many younger riders have a mountain bike, but finding an affordable road bike to try racing is difficult. As a solution, the GVCC/G2 has started an equipment donation program. You can donate complete bikes or parts so we can assemble bikes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have old equipment that is collecting dust, outdated, or no longer in need, you can donate it!  This equipment should be in very good condition though.  You can drop it off at Full Moon Vista, or contact Todd Scheske.
  2. GVCC will cover the cost to have the bikes and or equipment professionally inspected and assembled.
  3. A Junior rider will contact program director, Todd Scheske about obtaining equipment.
  4. The bicycle or bicycle will be sold to the rider for $1 and it will be theirs to own. The rider AND parent will sign a contract stating that the equipment is GVCC property and will be returned if the rider leaves the G2 program or ages out.
  5. When the Junior rider is finished using the bike or parts, they donate the equipment back to the program.

Why G2?:
It is GVCC’s next generation…GVCC’s 2-point-0… it’s the future. Wouldn’t it be something if a future Tour de France or World Champion called Rochester home? Dream big!

What do GVCC, Bella the Bornean Orangutan and Eric Eagan all have in common?

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GVCC, Bella, and Eric Eagan will all be at the Seneca Park Zoo this Sunday. Bella is prepping for her upcoming birthday and hanging out in the trees. Meanwhile, GVCC is sponsoring the EFP Rotenberg Methods Criterium – a one-mile crit course around Trout Pond at the Seneca Park Zoo.

What about Eric … and who the hell is he?

Eric Eagan is the founder of Trail Methods, a Rochester-based host of endurance related activities.  After hosting the Mac5 Winter Fat Tire Festival in February, this will be Eric’s debut into the road cycling scene with EFP Rotenberg Methods Criterium.

GVCC is thrilled to see another local race event and quickly stepped up to provide support thru grants and race-promotion support.  We hope you’ll take advantage of this great local venue and join us Sunday, April 19th.

You can sign up thru BikeReg until noon on Saturday.


2015 Giro Series Results

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Final Giro is ON! And, it’s only $10.

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The final Giro WILL take place on Sunday, March 29th.

For those who haven’t participated yet this year, $10 will get you to the start line.  Getting to the finish is up to you.

Come on out tomorrow!


No Giro SADDERday … but we will race on SUNday!

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With more snow and cold temps predicted for Saturday, we’re cancelling the Giro.

BUT — we DO plan to hold it on Sunday with sunny skies and warmer temps!


Giro Cancelled / Clinic STILL ON!

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Today’s Giro (Sun – Mar 22) is CANCELLED!

Marshals do NOT need to report.

The UPGRADE CLINIC is STILL ON!  Attendees should meet at the school as scheduled.

Giro Cumulative Results thru Week 5 (3/21)

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Week 5 Results:


  1. James Thompson
  2. Todd Scheske
  3. Tom Goetz


  1. James Thompson (10 pts)
  2. Todd Scheske (8 pts)
  3. Jeff Lubkowski (6 pts)
  4. Tom Goetz (4 pts)
  5. Michael Cormier (3 pts)
  6. Dave Richardon (3 pts)
  7. Cory Kuhns (2 pts)

Bs Week 5 Results:

  1. Sean Meyer
  2. Paul Mattison
  3. Chris Schreck


  1. Sean Meyer (15 pts)
  2. Paul Mattison (10 pts)
  3. Doug Mauro (5 pts)
  4. J Baker (3 pts)
  5. Geoff Lawrence (1 pt)
  6. Tim Brundage (1 pt)
  7. Chris Schreck (1 pt)

GVCC Give$ Back

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Reading “About GVCC,” you’ll be reminded that GVCC is dedicated to the promotion and development of road racing in Monroe and the surrounding counties.

One way we do that is by giving back to the area thru race grants to local promoters.

In 2014, GVCC financially supported:

  • Bristol Mountian Road Race in Memory of Mike Coyle
  • Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
  • FMV’s Ellison Park Cyclocross
  • FMV’s Fall CX Series (Cobbs Hill, Parma, Webster)
  • Cross in a Maze

We’re at it again for 2015:

As members, not only do you get great value with an entire season of road and cyclocross cycling events, you’re also giving value to support these outstanding events!

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