Eastside Omnium – TT Results

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TT Results 2015

Thanks to Full Moon Vista for sponsoring this event.

Eastside Omnium & Picnic

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We’re looking forward to your participation in this weekend’s GVCC Eastside Omnium. Please carefully review the information below as there have been some changes.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the picnic following Sunday’s race.

Here’s an updated flyer!

Prologue **** NEW TT Course for Friday ****

Due to chip-seal, we have changed Friday’s TT staging location and course.

When: Friday, May 29th.  6:00 PM Sign-in; first rider off at 6:30 PM.  Marshals – please report by 6:00 PM.

Where: Staging and Sign-in at Farmington Town Park

Course: MAP – North up Alderman Road, East on Magog, South on Yellow Mills Road, West on Herendeen Road.

Length: 10 miles X 2 laps

Sponsors: Full Moon Vista Bike Shop

Stage 2

When: Saturday, May 30th. 8:45 AM Sign-in.  Race starts at 9:00 AM. Marshals – please report by 8:45 AM.

Where: Staging and Sign-in at Farmington Town Park

Course: MAP – North up Rte 8, East on Holtz, Southeast on Sheldon/Herendeen, South on Alderman, West on Collett.

Length: 9 miles per lap.  A’s and B’s – 5 laps; C’s – 4 laps

Sponsors: Park Ave Bike Shop

Stage 3:

When: Sunday, May 31st. 8:45 AM Sign-in.  Race starts at 9:00 AM.

Marshals – please report by 8:15 AM to help set up chairs, tables, podium, banner, etc.

Where: Staging and Sign-in at Farmington Town Park

Course: MAP – East on Rushmore, South on Alderman, Northwest on Sheldon/Herendeen.

Length: 5.4 miles per lap.  A’s – 10 laps, B’s – 9 laps; C’s – 8 laps

Sponsors: TBD

Following Sunday’s race will be overall awards, podium photos, and a catered BBQ lunch.  You MUST reserve a ticket in advance for the picnic thru Eventbrite.  $12.50 plus reg fee.

Fishers Crit

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for the crit is at 6:00 PM.

Bs race for 40 minutes starting at 6:30.

As race for 45 minutes starting at 7:15

The yellow-line rule will be STRICTLY enforced for safety reasons.  Any crossing of the yellow will result in disqualification.

You may be asked to help control course traffic by standing at the end of business driveways during the other race.  Example – As monitor driveways during the B race, Bs monitor during the A race.

Course and vehicle safety is our primary objective and may require additional support beyond the assigned marshals.

Thank you.


Verify Accuracy of Primes

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Riders – Please verify the accuracy of your primes from the Farm-Mac course on 5/12; not all were reported.  If you see a discrepancy, email

Never miss a race again …

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Now you can stay in sync with GVCC Events using our new Google Calendar.

While our current “Schedule” continues to list all of our events and marshal assignments; you can also sync your calendar with our new Google Calendar.  It also features a linked map to help you navigate directly to the parking area.

It is linked from the Follow GVCC section on the right side of our site.
Special thanks to Doug Mauro for setting this up.

May 5th TTT Results

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May 5, 2015 – Riga / Course Distance 9.6 Total
1 Towpath (Camping, Kuhns, Pudiak, Rutherford) 44:26:00
2 Bike Zone/Dansville Collision (Gallese, Miner, Hoag) 46:33:00
3 Reed Eye (Blazey, Dunn, Goebel, Leonard, Marsh) 47:21:00
4 Bristol Mtn RR (Burgess, Canino, Meyer) 48:08:00
5 ROG (Wolcott, Rich) 50:27:00
6 CNB (Wells) 53:30:00

Eastside Omnium – Save The Date!

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Check out the attached flyer … while we finalize the details.

A note from former GVCC G2/Junior Abbie Sullivan:

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A note from former GVCC G2/Junior Abbie Sullivan:

“There is a bike club on campus, but mainly for mountain biking. Five of us decided to make an official Clarkson road cycling team so we could race. This past weekend we went up to Burlington to race UVM. For most of the guys it was their first first race. I thought it was so much fun racing in a field of all females. Class C and D raced together. I ended up placing 1st in class C (but got beat by someone from class D). This race really made me realize how much you taught me from Wednesday night rides the past few years. I know a lot more than I realized and I was really able to apply this knowledge. I also learned how much other people don’t know about bike handling and how you can’t really trust other riders to be safe. 4 of us made a break away at one point, and I felt like I had to kind of teach the other girls what to do. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me in the past. I’m really enjoying the sport.”

While you may not always get to meet the G2/Juniors, their Wednesday night training rides will begin soon.

The goal of this initiative is to promote bicycle racing among responsible young athletes.

There are various ways to support the G2s:

$$$ – either with your membership renewal or separately via PayPal to, you may donate specifically to the G2 program.

Equipment Program:

One of the hardest parts of racing is finding the equipment to race on. Many younger riders have a mountain bike, but finding an affordable road bike to try racing is difficult. As a solution, the GVCC/G2 has started an equipment donation program. You can donate complete bikes or parts so we can assemble bikes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have old equipment that is collecting dust, outdated, or no longer in need, you can donate it!  This equipment should be in very good condition though.  You can drop it off at Full Moon Vista, or contact Todd Scheske.
  2. GVCC will cover the cost to have the bikes and or equipment professionally inspected and assembled.
  3. A Junior rider will contact program director, Todd Scheske about obtaining equipment.
  4. The bicycle or bicycle will be sold to the rider for $1 and it will be theirs to own. The rider AND parent will sign a contract stating that the equipment is GVCC property and will be returned if the rider leaves the G2 program or ages out.
  5. When the Junior rider is finished using the bike or parts, they donate the equipment back to the program.

Why G2?:
It is GVCC’s next generation…GVCC’s 2-point-0… it’s the future. Wouldn’t it be something if a future Tour de France or World Champion called Rochester home? Dream big!

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