A couple of updates

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There is no C event on Thursday (7-28)  this week . The Cs and Bs will be combined and ride on Tuesday night (7-26).

The Fishers Crit on August 16th has been changed to West Bloomfield due to feedback from several members requesting that we replace the crit with a road course.

Fishers Crit Tonight

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Cs/Bs – 6:30 – 45 min

As – 7:20 – 60 min

Host Housing for Crit and RCX

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The Rochester Twilight Criterium is coming up fast on Saturday, August 13th and Rochester Cyclocross (the race formerly known as Ellison) will be here before we know it on September 10th and 11th. Housing requests from riders are starting to come in so if you and your family are interested in hosting some riders, please contact Shana Lydon ( or call Full Moon Vista at 585-546-4030 ASAP.  Most of the time, riders travel in small groups but they’re pretty easy-going and self-sufficient and just need a bed and access to a bathroom and a kitchen.  If you’d like more info, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have! Thanks in advance ~SLL

June 21st Fishers Crit Schedule

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Cs – 6:30  - 30 minutes

Bs – 7:05 – 45 minutes

As – 7:55 – 60 minutes

Tuesday Night Fishers Crit

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Bs 6:30 – 40 minutes + 5 laps

As 7:20 – 55 minutes + 5 laps

Tour de Thompson

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UR Thompson Hospital’s Tour de Thompson is an annual charity ride around the Bristol Hills each July. Proceeds from this event support Thompson’s Rehabilitation Aftercare program. Those with devastating injuries/illnesses are able to get wheelchairs and lift apparatuses installed in homes, vehicles, etc. to help with their recoveries.

Please consider riding for this worthy cause. The date is Saturday July 30, 2016, and event information can be found at TdT 2016, or visit the website.

New Course to debut on July 12!

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Hi everyone,

We are going to try out a new course – West Bloomfield – on July 12. Parking will be at Michael Prouty Memorial Park at the corner of Rt 65 and Rt 5&20. You can find the course map below. This course is replacing Murray Rd because of the increased traffic on Boughton Hill Rd in the direction of the route.

Also, due to the number of requests from members, I have put Wheatland back on the schedule. It will replace Mendon on September 6th.

Marshals for July 12 and September 6th please note these changes.


Western NY Bike Festival – Need Volunteers

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The festival is coming together really well with lots of factory demo rigs coming, all of the local clubs signed up, and organized rides and clinics scheduled throughout the weekend. It’s set for Dryer Road park with events running from 9 am until 4 each day. The GVCC is looking forward to the opportunity to reach out to new members by hosting a 20 minute clinic about racing and then an hour long training ride. The idea is to have the ride apply some of the things talked about during the clinic – ex. pacelines, attacks, etc.

For this piece, we need a GVCC member with a few years racing experience to conduct a 20 minute clinic “Road Racing 101″ starting at 12 p.m. Then, that person will need to lead a 1 hour skills ride from 12:20 until 1:20. So altogether, we need someone from 11:45 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. both days.  Ideally it would be the same person both days too.

The second piece of this event is that the club will have a table and a tent at the event. We need to have some club members man the table throughout the event. We need 4-5 club members each day who could hang out and talk to people. Again, this is a great way to talk to folks interested in racing and get them to try out the club.

If interested in volunteering, please email


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