Giro Cancelled / Clinic STILL ON!

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Today’s Giro (Sun – Mar 22) is CANCELLED!

Marshals do NOT need to report.

The UPGRADE CLINIC is STILL ON!  Attendees should meet at the school as scheduled.

Giro Cumulative Results thru Week 5 (3/21)

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Week 5 Results:


  1. James Thompson
  2. Todd Scheske
  3. Tom Goetz


  1. James Thompson (10 pts)
  2. Todd Scheske (8 pts)
  3. Jeff Lubkowski (6 pts)
  4. Tom Goetz (4 pts)
  5. Michael Cormier (3 pts)
  6. Dave Richardon (3 pts)
  7. Cory Kuhns (2 pts)

Bs Week 5 Results:

  1. Sean Meyer
  2. Paul Mattison
  3. Chris Schreck


  1. Sean Meyer (15 pts)
  2. Paul Mattison (10 pts)
  3. Doug Mauro (5 pts)
  4. J Baker (3 pts)
  5. Geoff Lawrence (1 pt)
  6. Tim Brundage (1 pt)
  7. Chris Schreck (1 pt)

GVCC Give$ Back

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Reading “About GVCC,” you’ll be reminded that GVCC is dedicated to the promotion and development of road racing in Monroe and the surrounding counties.

One way we do that is by giving back to the area thru race grants to local promoters.

In 2014, GVCC financially supported:

  • Bristol Mountian Road Race in Memory of Mike Coyle
  • Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
  • FMV’s Ellison Park Cyclocross
  • FMV’s Fall CX Series (Cobbs Hill, Parma, Webster)
  • Cross in a Maze

We’re at it again for 2015:

As members, not only do you get great value with an entire season of road and cyclocross cycling events, you’re also giving value to support these outstanding events!

Origami or I’m a Giro!

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All the same letters, yet very different outcomes!

Perhaps the weather has kept you from getting out to the “Spring” Giros and now you’re wondering … “why bother?”

There are FOUR Giros left.  Ride ALL four remaining for just $20.  Instead of having to pay the full series price of $35, we’ve discounted it to make it absolutely worth your time AND money to race.

Or, just stay home and make origami penguins with your spare cash.  That’s cool too!

Blow me!

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Despite chilling race conditions made worse by windy weather, several GVCCers battled it out on Wheatland’s course.


  1. Todd Scheske (Legaci Cycling)
  2. Michael Cormier (Legaci Cycling)
  3. Jeff Lubkowski (Park Ave Bikes)


  1. Sean Meyer (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)
  2. Paul Mattison (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)
  3. Tim Brundage (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)

In a class of his own, club Prez rode solo after a brief moment with the pack, muttering:







Another Giro in the books!

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While riders may have ended up a bit soggy, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm to race!


  1. James Thompson
  2. Dave Richardson (Nalgene/Borah Teamwear)
  3. Cory Kuhns (Towpath Bikes)


  1. Sean Meyer (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)
  2. Paul Mattison (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)
  3. Geoff Lawrence (Reed Eye Cycling Team)

2015 Giros open with the TOUGHEST ROC cyclists

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  1. Jeff Lubkowski (Park Ave Bikes)
  2. Tom Goetz (Towpath Bikes)
  3. Cory Kuhns (Towpath Bikes)


  1. Doug Mauro (Park Ave Bikes)
  2. J Baker (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)
  3. Paul Mattison (Bristol Mountain Road Racing)

For more photos, click here.

Today’s Giro (Sunday – 3/8) is cancelled!

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Due to overnight snow accumulation and below freezing temps, today’s Giro is cancelled.

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